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The 5-star Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong (Changfu Gong Fandian) is located at the intersection of Chang'an Street and Erhuan Road, within easy reach of shopping mecca Beijing Scitech Plaza and the central Beijing Railway Station. The hotel is also not too far from Tian'anmen Square and other commercial areas.

This Beijing hotel features a fusion of Japanese and Oriental styles, displaying to guests a elegant, modern, yet simple design. There are multiple garden-view and street-view rooms and each room has free Internet access as well as other modern facilities. Though there are different room types, all guestrooms are spacious and comfortable.

The Mudan Garden Chinese Restaurant serves classic Chinese cuisine including Cantonese food, while the Sakura Japanese Restaurant offers a variety of international dishes. Guests can enjoy drinks at the Orchid Terrace Café. There are also banquet halls suitable for organizing exhibitions, gatherings over meals and meetings.

On-site fitness facilities feature a full range of state-of-the-art equipment. When guests want to relax, they can simply visit the spa and salon or receive a massage to ease the stress away. Guests also have access to the indoor swimming pool, basketball court, badminton court, and table tennis rooms for a more active relaxation.[View Detail]
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  • avp168
    Worst service, dirty mess.
  • francy
    Favourite hotels in Beijing
  • e00049160
    Hotels in Beijing have been given I feel ultra low cost performance, this is OK, service is inadequate, but overall it is fine, next time you stay.
  • fudingjun
    Good hotel, a veteran of five star, Japanese travel more, in Chang-an Street, took a taxi difficult during rush hour.
  • ipebble
    Hotel very clean, the hotel was excellent
  • alanandrandy
    Good location and convenient transportation travel options
  • JamieJu
    Room is not detailed enough, service, prices
  • stacia_wu
    Every time I preferred!
  • Dengxy_1154
    Very comfortable
  • an_rainbow
    Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong, Beijing is the first I came to Beijing on business, very convenient location, eat convenient for shopping tourism. room facilities very good, guest supplies are clean, staff polite, felt great.
  • e00080287
    Very good service and very good environment
  • sgTing
    Which is very nice
  • cc6833
    Overall good hotel a bit hard to find, the facility can also
  • just76
    Hotel is old, renovated, good location to go by Metro convenient. the hotel is very clean, but area is a little small.
  • e05809154
    Yes, OK, good, cheap!
  • sgarden
    Room size, Windows cannot open service next time will stay
  • aawwuu
    The most expensive-
  • jt1228
    The hotel is very clean, service is good, probably a lot of Japan's customers live, the overall feeling is best service excellent
  • andypotato
    Good clean pure water is the breakfast meal tastes
  • Grandjinny
    Often, Yes, will use.
  • awardliu
    Hotel location is good, Chang an Street, near from the Metro, so recommended. Although older facilities, noise is not so good, but the hotel is very clean, service is relatively good, next time will come again.
  • e00687188
    Too old
  • gigi1985
    In a quiet, nice, clean and tidy, and again
  • Juanna0822
    Very good hotel
  • e03122497
    Like the choice of more than 10 years, good management, no national tours, swimming and fitness facilities
  • luoyouwei
    Good location, clean, fully equipped, suitable for business trip.
  • muyun294
    OK, location convenient, the room was too small
  • abc11
    Well, if the only pick faults, in the middle of a fork, walk around or go shopping or something almost ~~
  • dreaman126
    Front desk service is getting worse!
  • e03775373
    Japanese hotels, more refined, comfortable
  • e02202742
    Make old star
  • e03032765
    Very satisfied, very nice hotel I
  • tonny
    Hotel of service to bad evaluation of reasons is called car service Shang, zhiqian repeatedly confirmed called car have problem, answered didn't problem, results to time Hou told called not to car, let I himself again trying to, I to catch train of, this delay of not a Zhang votes of problem. you hotel since has and guest signed confirmed has so on representative you has commitment has, so to time called not to car, you will trying to has, is no will hotel car will guest sent to destination, thisService is really bad, very dissatisfied.
  • gongpeipei99
    All right
  • e02354335
    Lots is convenient. American breakfast is in self breakfast in pick some spell into a can eat full. bed good big estimated more than two meters wide, with children words three a people sleep enough. I of room on with Changan Street moments a I in Beijing of tips role. service bad also not bad. to front desk phone let more sent a bed quilt, no confirmed directly told I quilt no has. let yihou days which days some words again to I, directly let I daily himself call to asked have. this not too meetA five-star hotel service. because you want to change the Protocol to accompany helped me notice the room, room service very good smile nice. strongly demands coupled with training at the front desk, hotel as bad a serious impact on the quality of the window image. lobby not stylish but still in order.
  • adlibmao
    Took the kids and old people living in apartments, service very good, check out lost a little bag, hotel initiated contact with me and the mail bag over, next time and stay around next to Dorset, walk to the Beijing railway station, in short, super convenient
  • controller
    The only thing I found disappointing was the breakfast at 7:00. Hardly any staff helped me and the tables were not cleaned. The cooks were showing each other their mobile news and took little interest in making my omelette. No fresh coffee for breakfast is always a minus.
  • mandygirl
    Nice facilities! opportunity will stay!
  • demaycry
    A very good environment
  • e02180461
    All were very good, and in Beijing in this area all that wonderful special recommend
  • e04833118
    Very good, very convenient
  • cabbage81
    Nice toiletries are occitane
  • laurence_cao
    Great! good! also clean!
  • e00039639
    A bit old
  • camillewai
  • Moon06
    Beijing walking here is... passes Japan language. breakfast buffet and Japanese you can choose. include Bank of China ATM. amenities include telephone, rooms are kept clean and... and 5 minutes ' walk from the subway, Jianguomen station is useful.
  • cindyliubinbin
    Every time I go to Beijing where, old hotels, all aspects of the service are very intimate, love it!
  • Arcadian
    Service attitude is good, people are comfortable. children went swimming swimming swimming pool water clear.
  • lyon333
    Environment is very good, beds very comfortable
  • bboysl
    Has been used, accessibility, first-class facilities, good service